Thursday, May 31, 2012

akad @ Sungai Baru, Perlis

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Enjoy The Game

Football is the major game in Malaysia. The game played by all level of society. It is not only a sport but it is adapted as a culture. The glories time of this game in Malaysia is during 1970 until 1980.

In Sungai Pusu, outskirt of Kuala Lumpur, the game is playing during evening at a clear area which is not as usually football field since there is not a single grass grow on that field. Besides, the goal posts are made by bamboo. Even though it is not a good facility, the field will be occupied with a round of 40 to 50 kids and youths every day. Therefore, to ensure all could play, they have an unwritten law which is the kids play from 5pm up to 6.15am while the youths will play after that until late evening.

There is no proper attire such as jersey. Therefore, they have their own rule. The first team missed the goal will take off their shirt to differentiate the team with another team. Some of the player played with bare foot or slipper while the rest are wearing sport shoes or boots.

The game played not on ground of competition, to win but it is more to enjoy the game. Some rules such as offside are not practice here. Of course no red card or yellow card will be issued since there is no referee to preside over the game. Besides, anyone could play at any position and could change it with their team mate at any time.

They are playing football every day except during raining day. Even they have poor facilities, but it is not a hitch for them to play. Some of them come to play with a dream to be Malaysian top player while the rest just come to fulfill their free time and doing an activity their love. Next day, the same person at the same time will come again to the field to enjoy the game.


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